We utilize the following approach to Staff Training, and Consultation:

Student-Focused Consultation:
• Assist the student support team in conducting an individualized Brain-Compatible Functional Behavior Assessment – based on recent scientific brain research studies.
• Assist and guide the student support team in developing a Brain-Compatible Behavior Support Plan designed around a student’s cognitive, social, emotional, & behavioral needs.
• Schedule follow-up consultation, student observation, technical assistance per district, human service agency, and parental request/approval. Classroom-Focused Consultation
• Brain-Compatible Behavioral and Instructional Strategies.
• Techniques to Stimulate Prefrontal Cortex and Decrease Activities in the Mid and Back Brain Regions.

Provide and Teach:
• Growth Mindset and Positive Reframing Vocabulary
• Cognitive Behavioral Approach to Self-Regulation (internal dialogue, positive self-talk)
• Use of Observational Learning and Peer Mentorship
• Integration of Social and Emotional Learning into Academic Instructions and Tasks
• Development and effective use of the classroom environment
• Conscious Discipline, Restorative Justice, Love & Logic, CHAMPS, Cognitive and Sensory Refueling, Systematic Learning Approach and Mindfulness classroom activities
• Motivational Strategies and Effective Communication techniques
• Stress and Anger Management Strategies
• Positive Reframing Perspective and Verbalization Techniques
• Multi-tiered Systems of Support and Response to Intervention
• Solutions to IEP and 504 plans

District-Focused Consultation:
• Extensive in-service training and workshops for special educators, administrative staff, paraprofessionals and district-wide teaching staff.
• We provide school-wide training in the PBIS model, a nationally recognized program with a focus on creating and maintaining a positive school climate. This evidencebased framework emphasizes a preventative approach to minimize school disciplinary problems.
• School-wide training in Social and Emotional Learning (SEL).
• School-wide training in Brain-Compatible Instructional and Behavioral Strategies.

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