Training is where ideal solutions meet day-to-day reality. In this reality, even perfect technologies and processes lose value unless school staff are prepared to deliver consistently and completely. Staff training programs must address a school’s guiding principles, positive climate and culture. At the same time, they must engage school staff in ways that work.
We have extensive experience building well-organized and actionable training programs from early childhood programs through K-12 school settings. Whether you need training support for a major change effort, a staff development initiative, or just to enhance your current training programs, we know how to break down even the most complex ideas in ways that make them easy for people to understand.

Our Training Solutions Include:

1. Training Design
▪ Training Design must outline a curriculum and school-wide plans for the who, what,
where, when, why and how of training. We collaborate with all stake holders to
design training programs that meet the needs of the school district and instructional
staff delivering services. Our approach integrates research-based methods with adult
learning psychology to design training programs and assets that build institutional

2. Training Development
▪ Our training and user manual are not based on a “cookie cutter” model; it creates a
school climate and culture in which teachers learn how to use new processes and
systems to do their jobs. We work with our school districts to develop a compatible
combination of preservice, instructor-led, web-based, and practice exercises to ensure
the availability and usability of training at every location.

3. Training Delivery
▪ Training is delivered using a “just-in-time” approach that enables individuals to learn
skills close to the time when they will be needed. Role-based modules provide
learners with the information that they need and balances their training with their job
requirements. Our focus is to coordinate training, design attendance rosters and
execute sessions to ensure the quality and effectiveness of the training.

4. Train-the-Trainer
▪ Our Train-the-Trainer Approach ensures that our building leadership teams (district
trainers) have the skills and knowledge to lead the training programs as they were
designed. Our training experts teach building leadership teams how to transform so
their success continues beyond the district-wide training.

5. Learning Assessment (Individualized to the School District)
▪ Training would not be complete without tracking the results. We develop evaluation
strategies and tools that measure the real success of the training program – the
teachers’ ability to achieve district-wide academic, social, emotional learning
objectives and outcomes.

6. Staff Training Program Effectiveness

▪ Our extensive experience in school-wide training makes us a valuable partner in
assessing training programs. Whether you need to update your current program or
would just like an independent, expert opinion. We can assist a school district in
determining the strengths, limitations, and risks associated with your training and
identify practical opportunities for improvement.

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